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 Then, 2012

Oil on Alumimium,  79 x 102 cm

This painting was built up in many layers over a twelve month period as I tried to capture the view from my studio as it changed through the seasons. I started painting in the summer then subsequently scraped over the finished scene with a trowel of oil to create new areas of ground in which to paint the autumn view. This process was repeated at intervals throughout the year, at different times of day and in all weathers. Although the shifting colours, tones and aspects of the scene break the landscape up into a complex abstraction, the outline of the distant hills remains a constant throughout.

Once the painting was finished I began thinking about perspective and how time had been recorded as an extra dimension within the strata of the picture plane. When we watch a film these strata are fed through the dimension of time sequentially in order to collapse a four dimensional reality (the 3d world + time) into three dimensions (the 2d screen + time).  This painting is like a stack of film stills creating an object in which layers of time are stratified, and is therefore is as much a sculpture as it is a painting.

  4 Views of the Sussex Downs taken from my window, showing a spring morning, a starry night and early morning mists.

 The completed work

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