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Somewhere Across the Sea …

Panta Rhei was the first stratified painting I made on a found canvas.

One morning in a second hand shop in Brighton I came across a small oil painting of a brown boat setting out to sea. It was by an unknown dutch artist probably painted about 100 years ago.

I bought it and took it back to the studio where after repairing it, I scraped over its surface with gesso and painted into the new white areas a modern harbour scene.

I liked the idea that two artists who had never met and were separated by over a century had created a kind of interference pattern on the canvas;  that the two styles of painting had become linked just as all the ocean waves are connected to each other in a continuum throughout the ages. That all matter, paint and people are constantly in flux due to the transformation of energy over time.

This technique turns the painting into a 3d object stratifying  time and different perspectives or painting styles in the z – axis perpendicular to the picture plane.


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