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The Passage of Time is Perfumed With Your Presence

This Stratified Painting contains all the flowers I could recall from significant moments in my life. These include, amongst many others; lilies from my grandmother’s funeral; a red paper poppy that I wore at junior school; a Fantin-Latour painting from the cover of a New Order album that I loved; flowering weeds from my stepfather’s garden, in which I was forced to work during hot summer holidays never quite grasping what constituted a weed and what did not; a section of stained and tattered William Morris wallpaper from a mouldy flat I shared as an art student, and pixelated 8-bit flowers from video games I played with my own children.

It was painted in many styles overlaid on top of one another. I wanted to make a bouquet of brushstrokes as much as anything else – the different species of flowers relating to different species painting and to past art movements. An arrangement of memories – both personal and collective.

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