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Nature Paintings

Nature Paintings, December 2005–Present Day

Mixed media on aluminium

The support surface for each Nature Painting is an acid-primed aluminium panel. Onto this a variety of paints, pigments and other substances are poured and allowed to interact in a number of specified ways. What the painting finally looks like is thus determined by several factors including the viscosity of the different fluids and their behaviour under gravitational pull, the way in which ambient and local temperature affects such things as rates of evaporation and chemical reaction, the miscibility or otherwise of the liquids involved, the quantities used, and the order in which they are applied. The outcome may resemble any one of the myriad things to be seen in nature, from a section of the Horse Head nebula to a histology plate, a rock formation or the scum around an industrial outflow. The title Nature Paintings, however, refers not to the subject matter of the works, but to the manner in which they were made. As Tyson points out, the significant aspect of the series is not that they are paintings of nature, but they are paintings by nature. As Tyson explains …

“The reason that these paintings resemble rock formations, cells, clouds or satellite images is simply because the same laws that created those phenomena also create the Nature Paintings. I think of them in terms of entropy; like very thin atmospheres with all the complex flow of a dynamic weather system that at a certain point is frozen. The results can be quite extraordinary but unrepeatable. I apply the pigments and chemicals but have very little control over the final outcome “

Nasa Earth image over south china seaspacer_30x100PixKTP802NP

Nasa Earth Image from 2004 over South China Seas / Keith Tyson Nature Painting (Earth) 2005

Hematite Botryoidal, Moroccospacer_30x100PixKTP1558-Molecular-

Hematite photographed by Michael P. Klimetz / Keith Tyson Nature Painting (Molecular)


River Delta courtesy of NASA

KTP1675Keith Tyson Nature Painting (black Ice Sheet)

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