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Large Field Array (2005 -2007)

Large Field Array is a single piece of work consisting of 300 essentially cubic sculptures evenly distributed over the floor and walls of a large exhibition space. This room forms a complete closed system – an immersive environment in which the viewer navigates by whichever route they choose, there is no viewpoint available outside its frame. Due to its complexity and size, Large Field Array can only ever be viewed partially. The grid formation allows for structured order but to view the work one must be present amongst it’s elements: The presence and route of an observer becoming part of the array’s form


Each row and column of the LFA provides an axis representing a different force or organising principle in each cube’s design. These can be straightforward such as temperature, chemical elements, signs of the zodiac etc – through to more exotic themes and recursive patterns. Thus each individual cube is effected by several forces simultaneously and by the form of its neighbouring cubes. All in all, the combined interconnections and relationships form a field in which the cubes could be seen as focal points expressing the combined effects of these invisible causal forces passing through the space.

I wanted to create a piece in which the viewer becomes a particle passing through the field. I think of Large Field Array as a device or lens for creating a work in the observers mind that is unique to each individual. It is my attempt to build a kind of aesthetic particle accelerator.

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