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Keith Tyson : Turn Back Now : Twenty Years of Studio Wall Drawings

The Jerwood launches its 2017 program with Turn Back Now, an extensive review of twenty years of Studio Wall Drawings. Opening on the 28th January 2017, the exhibition will feature many works of which have never been exhibited before.

“I began making Studio Wall Drawings in 1997 when I was sharing a studio with four other artists in South East London where wall space was scarce. I could pin a single large sheet of watercolour paper to a board and scribble down notes, ideas and sketches. Over time I began to think of these drawings more as works in their own right, existing somewhere in-between a sketchbook, a journal, a poem and a painting – I found that I could work unhindered by the self-conscious restraint I’d often felt while working on canvas. The nature and style of the drawings has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, just as I have. Although each drawing records a specific moment from my life, as a whole, they also reflect societal changes over that time too…It has become commonplace now to post daily pictures and accompanying texts on one’s digital ‘wall’,  but I still am constantly surprised and rewarded by this simple practice of working daily on paper.”

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