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Keith Tyson: 5000 free Artworks

Keith Tyson is offering a free works of art to the first 5000 Guardian readers to download an image from the web site.

Each work will consist of a unique randomly generated sequence of vertical stripes in red, black and green – the colours of the roulette wheel. Every image will have its own title, based on the geographical location of the user, and a serial number. The limited-edition prints relate to a body of work by Tyson called the History Paintings, a group of paintings also in stripes of red, black and green, with the arrangement of the colours dictated by spins of the roulette wheel. Tyson’s artistic preoccupations include mathematical models, gambling, the operations of chance, and the systems, random or otherwise, governing human history. The History Paintings were given titles such as Baden-Baden, 1942, or St Petersburg, 1905, relating both to years of great political upheaval and to places famous for their casinos. Tyson set in parallel the genre of history painting, traditionally created from the point of view of the winner or loser of a conflict, and the neutral operations of mathematics.

Charlotte Higgins
Chief Arts Writer

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