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Explorations > The Art-Machine

The Art-Machine

The Art-Machine (1990 – 2000) I created The Art-machine while still at college in the late 80’s / early 90’s.  At that time I wanted to make works that reflected the complex and fragmented world I was living in but I just couldn’t find a suitable form or style that seemed dynamic enough. I was also studying on a particularly theoretical […]

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Explorations > Studio Wall Drawings (1997 – Present Day)

Studio Wall Drawings (1997 – Present Day)

In 1997 I was sharing a studio just off Bermondsey Street in South East London with 4 other artists. My section of the studio was particularly small and I had limited space in which to work. Wall space was especially scarce; two walls of the room were glazed while another had to be used for […]

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Explorations > Vinegar Strokes

Vinegar Strokes

Art-machine Iteration: Country Fair with Prize Tent 1997-1998 In this work from 1997 I had been tasked by my Artmachine (a semi automatic idea generator I’d invented at art college) to create a 24 foot long painting of a traditional English agricultural show. According to the instructions It had to be painted in oils 12 […]

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Explorations > Large Field Array (2005 -2007)

Large Field Array (2005 -2007)

Large Field Array is a single piece of work consisting of 300 essentially cubic sculptures evenly distributed over the floor and walls of a large exhibition space. This room forms a complete closed system – an immersive environment in which the viewer navigates by whichever route they choose, there is no viewpoint available outside its […]

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Explorations > Somewhere Across the Sea …

Somewhere Across the Sea …

Panta Rhei was the first stratified painting I made on a found canvas. One morning in a second hand shop in Brighton I came across a small oil painting of a brown boat setting out to sea. It was by an unknown dutch artist probably painted about 100 years ago. I bought it and took it back to […]

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Explorations > The Passage of Time is Perfumed With Your Presence

The Passage of Time is Perfumed With Your Presence

This Stratified Painting contains all the flowers I could recall from significant moments in my life. These include, amongst many others; lilies from my grandmother’s funeral; a red paper poppy that I wore at junior school; a Fantin-Latour painting from the cover of a New Order album that I loved; flowering weeds from my stepfather’s garden, in which I was forced […]

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Explorations > Then


 Then, 2012 Oil on Alumimium,  79 x 102 cm This painting was built up in many layers over a twelve month period as I tried to capture the view from my studio as it changed through the seasons. I started painting in the summer then subsequently scraped over the finished scene with a trowel of oil to create new areas of ground in which to paint […]

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