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Explorations > Michael Archer on The Thinker and Solar Powered Vacuum

Michael Archer on The Thinker and Solar Powered Vacuum

Keith Tyson’s The Thinker. Made in 2001, the fabled year of Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey, was a tall, black monolith akin to the one featured in the film. Implacable and inscrutable, the only evidence that it contained more than it was letting on was the emission of a continuous low hum from the computers housed within. […]

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Explorations > Sea-gherkins! . . . Freshwater swabs! . . . Ectoplasms! . . . Bashi-bazouks! By Michael Archer

Explorations > Michael Archer on The Inertia of Desire (Worthless Fat Fuck with Nullifiers)

Explorations > History Paintings : By Michael Archer

History Paintings : By Michael Archer

There are fifteen of Keith Tyson’s History Paintings. Three are large, and there are twelve smaller ones. This dozen, all of which are the same size, are of fixed arrangements of identically sized vertical strips held within a frame. The strips are aluminium, powder coated with one of three colours – black, red or green. […]

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Explorations > A conversation with A magic master : Keith Tyson interviewed by Elena Geuna

Explorations > Michael Archer on Wonders of the World

Michael Archer on Wonders of the World

Wonders of the World Various media 2000 – Present Day The term ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ traditionally refers to a group of structures or sites in the world that represent notable human achievement. In contrast, Tyson uses the phrase more literally as a way of focusing our attention on the world itself. Each work […]

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