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News > Keith Tyson and Hugo Wilson in De Pictura at Project B Gallery Milano

Explorations > Nature Paintings

Nature Paintings

Nature Paintings, December 2005–Present Day Mixed media on aluminium The support surface for each Nature Painting is an acid-primed aluminium panel. Onto this a variety of paints, pigments and other substances are poured and allowed to interact in a number of specified ways. What the painting finally looks like is thus determined by several factors […]

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News > Keith Tyson on Radio 4’s Front Row

Explorations > 12 Harmonics at Deutsche Bank

12 Harmonics at Deutsche Bank

A whirlpool of shifting motifs and perspectives; a psychedelic vision of the 21st century—James Rosenquist’s monumental painting The Swimmer in the Econo-mist signalizes to every visitor the high priority contemporary art enjoys at Winchester House in London. Until recently, four striking works dominated the foyer of the British headquarters of Deutsche Bank: Anish Kapoor’s reflective stainless steel sculpture Turning the World Upside Down III (1996), Tony […]

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Explorations > Michael Archer on History Paintings

Michael Archer on History Paintings

The History Paintings Powder coated aluminium 2004     “History paintings have traditionally been painted from the perspective of either the victor or the defeated. These paintings however are of events with all the emotional and political investment removed”   There are 15 history paintings, three large-scale compositions (245 x 490 cm) and twelve smaller […]

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News > Kopenhagen Magasin Interview

Kopenhagen Magasin Interview

Keith Tyson is interviewed in Kopenhagen Magasin about his latest show at the David Risley Gallery The whole article can be read here   DAVID RISLEY GALLERY Bredgade 65, 1260 København K, W: Keith Tyson A Mystery to Myself 29.08.14 – 11.10.14 So your show at David Risley Gallery starts today. Can you tell me […]

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Explorations > Press Release : 52 Variables

Press Release : 52 Variables

For this series, Tyson created mixed media on aluminum paintings of the backs of cards culled from 52 different decks. The source material is the artist’s own collection of joker cards gathered from all over the globe, spanning the past two centuries and ranging from a Twitter logo circa 2010 to a 1950s pinup girl. […]

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Explorations > On A Roll : By Marc Glimcher

On A Roll : By Marc Glimcher

In 2004 Keith Tyson began a series of works he entitled Geno-Pheno, short for Genotype-Phenotype. Like most of Tyson’s projects, the works were constructed around a logical proposition, designed to illuminate certain aspects of “causality.” These paintings were composed of two panels of identical size: the left side (Genotype) was a set or system with […]

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Explorations > Keith Tyson in conversation with Beatrix Ruf

nature painting
nature painting

Keith Tyson in conversation with Beatrix Ruf

Beatrix Ruf: So let’s start with the many different surfaces in these works. The Nature Paintings for instance, here you’re talking about liquids and solids and you have these layers… Keith Tyson: Yes, the Nature Paintings are like a thin atmosphere on the surface of a metal sheet. They’re paintings by nature rather than of […]

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Explorations > Operator Paintings : By Michael Archer

Operator Paintings : By Michael Archer

The Operator Paintings are a series of works derived from equations constructed using standard mathematical operators. As with Tyson’s Artmachine, rather than feeding numerical values into these equations, he is free to apply the operators to any and all existing and imaginary objects, phenomena and ideas. In mathematics, operators are procedures applied to entities more […]

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